The FE4P25/28Q-Li is a cost-effective electric forklift with combination of the traditional Internal Combustion forklift and lithium-iron powered electric forklift, it has the characteristics of large driving space and comfortable operation. The standard configuration is lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with efficient fast charging. Optional different battery capacities: the standard configuration is 80V200Ah, optional 80V300Ah and 400Ah.
Standard full AC control system and optional fleet management system. Standard REMA/Anderson connection for charging, optional automotive type intelligent plug-in high frequency charging technology.The truck adopt similar design of the Internal Combustion forklift with spacious operation space and comfort. The mast system, front and rear axles as well as the the durability of chassis is similar to traditional Internal Combustion forklift. 
The truck combined the durability of Internal Combustion forklift with layout advantage of Li-iron electric forklift, so that the truck’s weight is light and and gravity center is optimized, therefore the overall energy consumption is effectively improved.


Drive system uses a horizontal fan-shaped drive axle arranged in parallel with a large transmission ratio. The battery is located at the bottom of chassis, the truck has good stability. Drive motor uses AC maintenance-free motor. Long wheelbase(1700mm)design, better stability.
The truck adopts long tiller  ratchet parking brake design for easy operation.
Wide view through the optimized mast and hydraulic design, the forks with intelligent buffer, protect the ground and goods from damage from hitting the ground.
Combination switch as automotive, the seat can be adjusted back and forth so that the operator can choose the ideal driving position.
U design of steering wheel, front-located multi-way valve operating device makes the operation effortless and com fortable.
Fast charging with battery fully charged in 2-3 hours. The intelligent high frequency charger with automobile charging technology has a working efficiency of more than 95%, which is much higher than the 80% working efficiency of traditional low frequency charger.


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