OPL25N is a low-level order picker that has strong power and better stability when increasing or decreasing speed thaqnks to the German AC drive and Italian Controller. Plus its electric steering system and German REMA multi-functional handle make it has high working efficiency and driving comfort.
4 point structure floating shock absorption platform and rubber pads minimize the vibration. The ergonomically curved backrest can efficiently avoid drever’s fatigue; Sideways battery design allows quick and easy replacement in multi shifts working.
Fully upgraded features make picking easier and more efficient and it provides various optional configurations such as extension bracket, caution light, blue light, entry rollers,storage tray,double USB charging port. etc.



German REMA multifunctional handle

Reliable and ergonomically designed REMA handle’ each button can be easily reached and controlled, which makes driving more comfortable.


USB charging port

Double USB charging port power up more equipment.


The multifunctional control instrument can display truck conditions, battery capacity, working time, travel speed, and steering angle. When something goes wrong, the outer ring light of the instrument will turn to red from blue.

The standard pin code switch can set multiply start passwords, the ID card is also supported to start the truck.


Sideways battery exchange compartment plus adjustable handling bracket makes battery replacement easier and quicker.


A variety of extension supports are available to meet the installation requirements of different extension equipment, such as WMS display, barcode scanner, storage tray, file plywood, etc.


The jog button on both sides of the truck allows the operator to operate truck forward/ backward or lift the fork while walking beside. There is no need for the operator to get in and out of the truck frequently to operate it. That greatly improved the picking efficiency and operation safety by reducing the speed controlled by the jog button.


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