About Noblelift

NOBLELIFT is a Chinese leading manufacturer and service provider for material handing equipment and logistics solutions. The company is the largest manufacturer of hand pallet trucks globally for more than 13 years, and the leading manufacturer for class 1/2/3 forklifts in china. NOBLELIFT is dedicated to be the leading manufacturer and solution provider for material handling business worldwide.....

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Material Handling

NOBLELIFT Material Handling offers full range of Material handling equipment starting from hand pallet trucks, manual stackers, lift tables, as well as electric pallet trucks, stackers, reach trucks and forklifts. Mainly 6 catego...


NOBLELIFT can provide:customized AGV non-standard vehicle bodies, AGV products and logistics software, and overall solutions for logistics robot projects.

System Integration

NOBLELIFT Intergration providing customers of different industries with customized solutions that integrate early consulting, scheme design, data simulation, equipment manufacturing, transportation, installation, debugging and after-sales s...

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