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· Accessories available for night operations
Warning lamps and rear lamps are installed to facilitate night operations.
· Ergonomically designed chair
The seat can be adjusted to different angles for comfortable operations of different drivers.
· Main frame with various specifications
Users can choose main frames of various sizes (two-grade, two-grade and full free, three-grade main frame, etc., see Annex).
· Split-type oil tank with increased capacity
Reduces the thermal equilibrium temperature and facilitates maintenance.
· Multi-function LED meter
With functions such as automatic diagnostics and power off.
· Advanced separately excited control system
Separately excited DC controller has functions such as regenerative braking and down-sliding prevention on ramps.
· Full open design
The cover, left and right guards of battery case can be opened or removed to facilitate raised-up repair and maintenance of the battery.
· Various options in battery specifications
Users can choose high-capacity battery to increase the operating time per shift.
· low center of gravity
Battery with low center of gravity offers greater stability.
· Smart declining buffer system
Decline speed slows down automatically when the forklift is lowered to 60-100mm.
· Various options in accessory specifications
Based on specific operating conditions, users can install accessories with different specifications (such as lateral controller, and soft clamps to improve operational efficiency)

Model FE4P20FE4P25FE4P30FE4P35
Power type ElectricElectricElectricElectric
Load capacitykg2000250030003500
Load centermm500500500500
Standard mast lifting heightmm300030003000300
Overhead guard heightmm2110211021152115
Overall length(without forks)mm2375241026202700
Overall widthmm1150115012251225
Turning radiusmm2110214024102500
Travel speed(with/without load)km/h11/1211/1212/1311/12
Total weight(with battery) kg4000415052005600

A. Comes as standard accessories, the rear lamp and warning light improves the safety of night operations.
B. Steering axle and the forklift body are flexibly connected to reduce vibration impact, minimizing failure rate and extending service life.
C. Split-type oil tank with increased capacity reduces the thermal equilibrium temperature, extends service life of hydraulic components and facilitates maintenance.
D. If operation mistakes and system failures occur, the HD LCD display equipped with an auto-diagnostic function can carry out self-diagnosis and display the result by pictures or texts. In case of power shortage, it will sound an alarm and cut power off to prevent discharge.
E. Optimal design of wide-view main frame offers a wider vision to the driver, thus improving operational efficiency.
F. DC: U.S. CURTIS electronic control, AC: Italian ZAPI electronic control, and High-frequency MOSFET integrated controller comes with regenerative braking, reverse braking and other functions to achieve energy recovery, and to effectively reduce the system temperature. Advanced separately excited control system can prevent sliding on ramps when the forklift restart its process after parking on a ramp and thus ensuring safe operations.
G. With its full-open design, the forklift provides ease and convenience for users to replace and maintain the battery.
H. Transmission system with parallel connection can transmit large loads and has a strong climbing ability.
I. By using the adjustable steering wheel, drivers can find the optimal driving position and minimize fatigue caused by prolonged operations.
J. Seat switches and emergency power switch technology on par with international standards are applied. The motor will be automatically turned off if the driver leaves the seat for a time period exceeding the preset period, so as to prevent unnecessary power consumption, and to ensure safety and reliability. Seat belts and handrails provide more security during operations. Adjustable seats can facilitate operation for different drivers.
K. Buffered lifting cylinder is used. When loads are lowered to a position 100 ~ 60 mm to the ground, the fuel cylinder will decelerate through throttling, increasing operating safety.
L. The elegant built-in design of the tilt cylinder enlarges driver's operating space and makes it easier for drivers to get on and off.
We provide main frames and accessories with various specifications (such as lateral controller and paper folder, etc.). See the Configuration Table for details.


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