Lifting equipment

Screw hoisting equipment

A screw elevator is a large machinery equipment transported by potential energy change, such as mine hoist, cross-dam elevator, etc. Taken broadly, elevator, crown block, winch, sinking winch, crane, and headstock gear, etc. all can be called hoister. A hoister generally refers to a large machinery equipment with large power and strong hoisting capacity.


Continuous hoisting equipment

Continuous hoister is widely used in various walks of life like food & beverage, pharmaceutical chemicals, clothing & shoes, electrical appliances, and logistics, etc. Continuous hoister has many advantages including small space occupied, ease maintenance, reliable operation, low cost, and so on.


Reciprocating hoisting equipment

Reciprocating hoister is chain-led and controls the motor via frequency conversion and speed control so that the lifting cage can be lifted up and down  . The transmission mechanism is provided on the lifting cage, so that the conveying material can automatically enter into the lifting cage of the hoister. Such hoister is featured with advanced control, reliable performance and high lifting cage positioning accuracy, etc.

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