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The PTE18L Electric Pallet Truck is the ideal choice for material transportation in short-distance or trailer loading/unloading. It is developed based on PT20L targeting to markets such as North American market. It is equipped with AC drive unit, Curtis Controller and maintenance-free battery and built-in charger, competitive in cost with attractive price comparing to counterparts in the industry.



Special design

Special design for fork tip with 3 entry rollers and 4 exit rollers for easy entry and exit of the pallet,esp.when the pallet is empty or light loaded.


Built-in Charger

The built-in charger is located above the battery,easy charging after opening the battery cover.


Creep Button

Creep/Slow speed button for safe and easy operation esp. In confined spaces such as steering in the trailer.


Bigger ground clearance

Bigger ground clearance,for easy operation for uneven grounds with potholes or small obstacles such as small thresholds or on trailers with lifting gates.


Robust and Reliable Design

The robust chassis with the strong 8mm thick apron protects the truck and the components against mechanical impacts from the outside.The steel battery cover ensures the battery well protected.IP54 protection for the controller for safe operation for delivery applications where the dust and water dropletds is common.