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The PT20I is the ideal choice if transportation operations needs to be combined with health friendly order picking operations.The low-lift transportation capacity of max.2000kg is enough to unload delivery lorries and to do picking operations in the warehouse or in the salesroom. 
The sideways lifting buttons are ergonomically located nearby the picking area.



long Tiller Design
Ergonomically designed long tiller allows comfortable and efficient operation,and at the same time safety for the operator by keeping a safe distance.


Robust and Reliable Design
The robust chassis with the strong 8mm thick apron protects the truck and the components against mechanical impacts from the outside. The steel battery cover ensures the battery well protected.


Initial lifting(double design)
Additional healthy-friendly mast lift height up to 800mm with lift capacity 1000kg, ideal for trailer unloading, short distance material transportation and factory assemble line.


Core Components from Top Quality Brands
German KORDEL gear box,INTORQ Brake,WICK drive wheel,Italian ZAPI Controller ensure the high performance,efficiency and stability,at the same time reduce the running cost.


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