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The new ATOM Lithium powered electric pallet truck is designed under the current industrial trend of light duty and Lithium power solution. It continues the concept of the Edge series pallet trucks with compact and smart design but with a target to minimize the cost in manufacturing to offer a more affordable powered light duty material handling solution to the end users. The Atom continues to offer the function and solution usually for high-end electric pallet trucks including Can-bus Communication, Fault Code, Battery Discharging Indicator, Drive with the tiller in vertical position, Electric lift and lower control etc., make it the perfecta solution for the material handling for retail, small warehouse and so on.Smart lithium battery for fast charging and opportunity charging, no maintenance needed.


The tiller integrated with a variety of functions is portable to operate. The LCD displays the battery charge level and the fault code, which makes the truck condition clear at a glance and the truck management safer. All the switch buttons are integrated in the humanized touch position and can be easily reached by operators. 
The frame of the PTE15Q truck is surrounded by steel covers making the truck looking different and also ensuring the protection of components.
Forks with double sided C-shape reinforcements and at the fork tips significantly increase strength and rigidity of the frame.
There are no hoses or pipes in the hydraulic lifting circuit of the pallet trucks which significantly improves reliability and reduces the amount of potential problems related to leakages through connectors or their seals. 
PTE15Q is equipped with maintenance-free Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with optional different capacities for various applications. With its fast charging and opportunity charging features, the service time of the truck is greatly improved. 

Optional big strong steel apron will not only protect the operators’ feet but also protect the internal components.

Optional stability casters for great stability for fragile good transportation. 


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